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FREM Sprite32!: A programming game

Say hello to the Sprite32!, the premier microcomputer from First Rate Embedded Microsystems (FREM), designed for the 1985 home computer market.

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Markdown Website Framework

A website framework that generates and caches pages from Markdown files. I use this to build the HTML markup for this website.

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Building the Adventure Game Framework

I revisited the Zork series after many years, and was inspired to write a PHP framework for console text adventure games using PHP 8. Download the source code from GitHub.

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Introducing Go-SAP, an 8-Bit SAP Emulator written in Go

An emulator for "Simple As Possible" architecture written in Go.

The SAP "Simple As Possible" emulator is inspired by the chapters from Digital Computer Electronics: 3rd Edition by Albert P. Malvino and Jerald A. Brown.

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SAP-1 Emulator: Assembly Programming

A visual emulator written in Go using the ebiten 2D game library. The SAP-1 "Simple As Possible" emulator has been designed as a visual learning tool for fun and experimentation. Download the emulator from GitHub.

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Resources for DIY Synth Makers

All of my electronics knowledge is self-taught from books, online resources, e-learning, and experimentation with kits and DIY designs. The purpose of this page is to document some of the valuable resources I've stumbled across over the past few years during my explorations into DIY circuit design.

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Eurorack Power Breakout Board

I do a lot of prototyping of Eurorack synthesizer modules, and frequently hook my breadboards up to my rig for testing work-in-progress designs with my other modules. Initially, I simply stuck some jumper wires in the end of a IDC cable and ran them to the bus bars on my breadboard, but after getting the wires crossed and starting a small fire, I decided I needed something a bit safer.

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Resources for Building Static Websites

Here are some approaches I employ to produce the super simple static HTML website you are currently viewing.

I use my markdown-website to generate these website pages from Markdown files and cache them down to complete HTML pages. My infrequent posts don't need features like tagging, summaries, and pagination, so tools made for that purpose just get in my way.

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