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Code Projects

A place to showcase some of the projects I work on in my free time. Check out my GitHub for a full list of my public open source projects.

Markdown Website Framework

A website framework that generates and caches pages from Markdown files. I use this to build the HTML markup for this website.

Install it now with Composer:

composer create-project johnsquibb/markdown-website:dev-main

Check out the fulll project documentation on GitHub


Learn more about how to build and host static websites on Amazon S3.

PHP Microframework

The framework extends my minimal PHP 8 microframework for websites. It's free, open source, and lightweight. Check it out on GitHub.

Adventure Game Framework

A PHP framework for console text adventure games.

Build and play games that use text commands such as:

> go north

> look inside the chest

> take key from chest

> unlock the cellar door

> turn flashlight on

Download the source code from GitHub.

Go-SAP, an 8-Bit SAP Emulator written in Go

An emulator for "Simple As Possible" architecture written in Go.

The SAP "Simple As Possible" emulator is inspired by the chapters from Digital Computer Electronics: 3rd Edition by Albert P. Malvino and Jerald A. Brown. This emulator was written while iterating through each of the sections of the textbook. It is not designed to be an efficient or concise emulator, the code is written to simulate the concepts of each of the SAP components in a straightforward, and often verbose manner.


Check out the complete source on GitHub.

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