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My Music

I make music with a variety of analog, digital, modular, and software synthesizers. I even build some of my own hardware, check out my Electronics Projects page.

You can see pictures and videos of my studio setup and electronics projects on my Instagram.

Interface Type Seven

Explorations in ambient and chill sounds, varying from synthesized soundscapes and pads to minimalist experimental drones.

Experimental Drones

Explorations of minimal ambient, drone, modular noise, and isolation.

Recommended Listening

As a creator and a consumer of music, I love Bandcamp. Check out my profile for an ever-growing list of ambient/drone/experimental music I listen to. I wholeheartedly suggest using Bandcamp to support your favorite artists whenever possible. For many independent musicians, Bandcamp sales provide the best cut of the profits, and I'm all about putting more money in the pockets of the creators.

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