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Resources for DIY Synth Makers

Updated: 7/5/2020 11:07:47 AM

All of my electronics knowledge is self-taught from books, online resources, e-learning, and experimentation with kits and DIY designs. The purpose of this page is to document some of the valuable resources I've stumbled across over the past few years during my explorations into DIY circuit design.

I treat this page as a living document of links and resources for things I find useful, so check back for updates.


Synthesizer Books


Advanced Topics


Schematics & Guides

DIY Synth


Online Tools

Synth & Eurorack Kits

Parts Suppliers


The following list of online suppliers are my regular go-to resources for various electronics parts for any purpose.

Synth Specialty


Some knobs for potentiometers.

PCB Manufacturing

Panel Manufacturing

Front panel manufacturing. I have yet to vet any of these services, as I have been using PCB front panels in my prototypes.

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