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About Me

I'm a professional programmer and recent Oregon transplant. When not hammering out code, I immerse myself in the composition of ambient electronic music, electronics tinkering, and circuit design. I like minimal web design and rich content, hence this static website with lots of words.


I started coding BASIC on a C=64 when I was nine. In the mid/late 90's, I started programming HTML and Javascript on the web (Geocities!). Later, I found VisualBasic, C/C++, and all the P's in LAMP. I've hacked a myriad of languages for a range of software platforms and game engines. My professional career has spanned several disciplines, including animation, game design, and web development.

Game Development

Games sparked my interest in computers and programming, particularly on the C=64, Apple II, and various x86 clones, as well as console systems like NES/SNES/Game Boy. My first explorations in BASIC were entering sample programs and simple games from print magazines like BYTE, ReRun, or COMPUTE!'s Gazette. Later, games like Doom, Half Life, and Quake sparked my fascination with 3D modeling and level design. As an AD&D and MTG player, anything RPG, Fantasy, or SciFi was immediately appealing and inspiring. When it was time to head off to college, it was obvious that I needed to pursue a career in Law (wait, what?). When it was time to head off to college for the second attempt, it was clear that game design was the right path for me. There I learned all about 3D design, art, and animation. Although a bulk of my career has focused on web development, I've had a few opportunities to work in game-related fields.

In recent years, I've dabbled in Unity , Ebiten, and most recently, Godot .

Check out the Game Development section for some of my projects.


I produce ambient electronic music using hardware and software synthesizers under the moniker Interface Type Seven , and have amassed a collection of hardware synthesizers, Eurorack Modules, and soft synths during my explorations.

You can also find some of my experimental noise and modular drone sessions on Bandcamp .


I also dabble in electronics and circuit design, and have put together a number of projects using KiCad and CircuitMaker . I've prototyped a number of synthesizer modules, mostly in the analog domain. I have also put together several Arduino projects. Check out my Electronics Projects for more details.

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my various electronics and synthesizer projects.

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