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I make games. Sometimes, I release them. Check out my profile.

FREM Sprite32!


Say hello to the Sprite32!, the premier microcomputer from First Rate Embedded Microsystems (FREM), designed for the 1985 home computer market.

Play, learn, and experiment with programming in the Sprite32! microcomputer sandbox. Use the high-level FREMScript programming language to write programs, create dynamic pixel art, and experiment with audio generation. Take a trip back in time to the early days of home computing with the Sprite32!’s 320x200 pixel display, 40 columns of text, 8bit memory limitations, and 80s-era CPU speeds.


Download Early Access on

Wishlist on Steam (coming Fall 2022)

SAP-1 Emulator: Assembly Programming


A visual emulator written in Go using the ebiten 2D game library.

The SAP-1 "Simple As Possible" emulator is inspired by the chapters about Simple As Possible Architecture from Digital Computer Electronics: 3rd Edition by Albert P. Malvino and Jerald A. Brown. It has been designed as a visual learning tool for fun and experimentation.

If you tinker with electronics and enjoy breadboarding, check out Ben Eater's "Build an 8-bit CPU from scratch" video series on YouTube. Learn more at


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